"WHO AM I?" Digital EVANGELISM INITIATIVE for the Olympics

Christian volunteers will be in Paris for the Olympics to initiate good gospel conversations. While we pray and plan on this, we know that many interactions will be quicker or more superficial than they hoped.

We are excited to introduce an Olympic Digital Engagement Strategy to extend the on-the-ground evangelism. People who encounter our in-person volunteers will be given direct access to a digital treasure chest of gospel resources, information, and trained biblical responders whenever and wherever they are ready to explore more.

This where where you come in! Would you consider going on a one-week digital mission trip by becoming a digital responder who can share the hope of the gospel to those who are searching?

Not living in the United States? No worries, just use the link below to sign up to be a digital responder!

The Big Picture

  • An on-the-ground Who Am I? volunteer initiates a conversation with someone (let's call him Matt) at the Olympics. The volunteer briefly shares about how Jesus is the way, truth, and life, and that He wants to have a personal relationship with Matt. The volunteer gives Matt a QR code to gospel resources. While the conversation doesn't go very far in the moment, the Holy Spirit plants a seed to water later.
  • Later Matt pulls out his phones to doom-scroll social media until he falls asleep. But he remembers the conversation he had with the Who Am I? volunteer and the code he scanned. (OR they just simply saw a Who Am I? ad online!)
  • Matt goes to the site to explore and sees that he can download the Bible in his language. He also discovers a simple Bible reading plan to help him—he has never read the Bible before.
  • He has a lot of questions stirring inside him, so thankfully there is a “chat now” button. When he clicks on the button it immediately connects him with a responder who is ready and excited to listen, share what the Bible has to say, and helps him get connected to a real believer in his home country!
  • By the time Matt gets back home, he plans on connecting and exploring more about who Jesus is.

Interested in being a Digital Responder?

Step 1: Pause and pray. Ask God if he might be calling you to go on this digital mission trip and be a responder.

Step 2: Click the Sign Up button above and submit the form.

Step 3: Upon submission, you will be invited to an online training and onboarding that walks you through the system we use for responding and how to be a good responder who guides people on their spiritual journey.

Step 4: Join a "pre-trip" call when we provide more information and allow you the opportunity to ask questions before the Olympics kicks off.

Step 5: When your digital mission trip week comes, log on and be ready to answer seekers' questions to point them to hope and life found in Jesus!

Step 6: After your week is over, pass off to the next digital mission trip responders, or keep serving! Because it is digital, you can always extend your plane ticket!


Question 1: When are the virtual trip dates?

 July 25 – August 2

 August 2 – August 9

 August 9 – August 16

 August 16 – August 23

 August 28 – Sept. 4 (Paralympics)

 Sept. 4 – Sept. 11 (Paralympics)

Question 2: Do I have to be a "techy person"?

Absolutely not! All we need is for you to have a heart for the nations coming to Christ and a phone or computer at your disposal. We will train and equip you before your virtual trip, so no worries!

Question 3: Why "Who Am I?"

Because everyone is searching for an identity.

In a world where countless people grapple with the question of their identity, we seek to share boldly the Gospel. While the Olympic Games evoke emotions of jubilation and unity, there is undeniable weight of loss, heartache, and division. Whether an athlete, spectator, or host-city citizen, everyone is searching for truth. So as we each ask the question "who am I?" Jesus' profound "I am" statements in the book of John, reveal His true nature and purpose and offer us a new identity found in Him.

Question 4: What languages are we searching for with digital responders?

We need responders with any language skill. We predict the most commonly needed languages are English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Swahili, and Hindi.

How much time will this require? Do I have to take time off of work?

We are grateful for your interest in serving as a digital responder during the Olympics. We know that you will likely need to maintain ongoing commitments as you serve for the week you sign up for. We just ask that you aim to spend about 10-15 hours in that week to be available to respond. If there aren't enough messages, we invite you to spend that time in prayer for the other conversations going on with other responders and those on the ground.